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God makes things very clear for us doesn’t He?  He has let us know that there is a CHOICE for us in all areas of our lives.  IF we do this, we get that.  IF we need Him to move in a situation in our lives, then He can IF we are doing what He said to do.  As Believers in The Church today we have gotten away from seeing or taking responsibility for OUR PART in what is happening around us.  Many want to blame God for what is happening or has happened when it was not His fault at all.

See, a very long time ago, God in His wonderful Wisdom decided to write His Words, His Guidance, His Ways, His Covenant through mankind in a Book, we call The Bible.  In IT He graciously left for us the Operational Procedures, Manual of Life, Instructional Manual or what you may entitle it, for us to live by.  He let us know in this Book about His responsibilities, His wishes, His Character, His Promises . . . EVERYTHING we would need to know to operate down here on planet earth.  But just like many of us who get a new item . . . a new appliance, TV, vehicle, cell phone . . . and don’t read the Instruction Manual that comes with it, we prohibit ourselves from knowing how to use our new item to its fullest potential!   Thus not giving us all that it was created to do for us and bless us!   We LIMIT OURSELVES FROM THE OPTIMAL LIFE of that item!  Not reading The Word and obeying it does the same thing in our lives and situations!

Friend, let us read our Instructional Manuals, our Bibles!  Let us do what it tells us to do!  For IF YOU AND I OBEY, we will surely be blessed as Deuteronomy 28:1-14 says we will be and with so much more that we find in The Word!   Blessings or curses, WE CHOOSE!  Obedience or Disobedience, WE CHOOSE!  Reading our Instructional Manuals, our Bibles, or not, WE CHOOSE!  Church, our obedience is mapping out our lives, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

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