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wes montgomery

Source: Getty/Jazz Guitar Legend Wes Montgomery

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Tuesday, May 12, 2015 touched on some critical education issues while lifting up something old and new from, one of Indiana and Indianapolis’ premiere musical icons.  (At 18:30 Mark On Media Player) In an exclusive interview, Robert Montgomery, youngest son of jazz guitarist extraordinaire, Indy’s own West Montgomery was joined by music preservationist and record company executive Zev Feldman to talk about the release of a new CD with previously unreleased music by Wes Montgomery from 1949 to 1959.  The CD Wes Montgomery In the Beginning has just be released by Resonance Records, a recording company dedicated to preserving music heritage, especially jazz music heritage. In their Afternoons with Amos interview Zev Feldman and Robert Montgomery talked about these recordings were made from tapes that were found and released into a new CD.  Robert Montgomery talked about his dad’s musical heritage and the work he’s doing on behalf of the Montgomery Family to protect and preserve Wes Montgomery’s heritage and make sure that his rights as a composer, musician and artist are protected and preserved; just as the families have protected and preserved the work and rights of other great artists like Elvis Presley, or Michael Jackson or the Beatles.  Feldman talked about the impact of Wes Montgomery’s music and that the recordings on this CD were recorded in numerous locations, including legendary Indiana Avenue nightspots and even in private homes.  Feldman told Afternoons with Amos listeners how a young man in his 20’s with a fancy tape recorder attended Wes Montgomery’s sessions, recording his music for posterity. One of the songs from the CD, Smooth Evening, was played during the interview. It’s a fascinating insight into one of Indiana and Indianapolis’ greatest musical legends and how his early works are being preserved for those who remembered Wes Montgomery and those who didn’t. All now can now enjoy his music and contributions. (At 03:02 Mark On Media Player) A couple of years ago, The Mind Trust committed to provide dollars to encourage talented educators and entrepreneurs to design, launch and operate “Innovation Network Schools” autonomous schools within IPS that can replace chronically underperforming or underused schools in the district.  In cooperation with the City and IPS, the latest Innovation Fellows were announced Tuesday. One of them, Shanae Staples, currently an educator at Enlace Academy Charter School, appeared on Afternoons with Amos to talk about her Innovation Schools vision.  Staples and her co-collaborator Kevin Kubacki plan to model their IPS effort like Enlace which uses “blended learning” with computers and traditional teaching methods to engage students in curriculum tailored to a students needs and pace of learning. Staples hopes to be ready with their plan within two years. (At 60:42 Mark On Media Player) Then Afternoons with Amos shared the somewhat disheartening news that the percentage of African-Americans students who passed this year’s IREAD Tests had fallen, both statewide and among township, charter schools and IPS.  Amos shared the troubling statistics with listeners and got their reactions to the news.  Detailed Data On How Black Third Graders in the Indianapolis Area Did On the IREAD Tests Can Be Found By Clicking Here:  STORY AND DATA ON 2015 IREAD TEST PASSING RATES FOR BLACKS, ALL STUDENTS  The Full Afternoons with Amos PODCAST from Tuesday, May 12th is Available Here. Runs 104 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Begins After Brief Video Ad.