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Beautiful little girl wearing red dress dances

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Many parents put their daughters, or little princesses, in ballet classes for a variety of reasons. If getting a bit of exercise is a part of that reasoning then you’ll need to know, you’re dabbling in the wrong art form. A new study finds that ballet doesn’t provide very good, or very much, exercise for little girls. What does? Hip Hop. This is according to researchers from the University of California San Diego who studied more than 260 girls to see how much vigorous activity different sorts of dance classes provide. The girls were grouped by age, five to ten years old, and eleven to 18. Researchers found that young girls in ballet classes spent only 30 percent of class time moving vigorously while kids in hip hop classes were really moving 57 percent of the time. For adolescent girls, moderate-to-vigorous exercise was about the same in ballet and hip hop classes. The study is published in the journal “Pediatrics.” Click the link to read it for yourself.


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