Today is National Hug Day. Researchers say there are many benefits to giving and getting hugs. The experts say while you’re ‘bringing it in,’ don’t be in a hurry. Research indicates the average hug lasts only three seconds. But the benefits of hugging come on at the 20-second mark. (Mmmm mmm.) Those benefits include improved relationships, […]

Naptown coffee lovers, this is the day for you. It’s National Coffee Day. That means plenty of stores are offering free or discounted coffee. This helps especially if you’re on a budget. Here in Indy as well as around the nation, Dunkin Donuts has you covered with a free medium cup of dark roast, hot […]

It’s National Hot Dog Day. Foodies rejoice! Of course, this means getting deals, killer deals, on the all-American classic. Sonic Drive-In will be offering both the “Chili Cheese dog” and their “All-American dog” for just $1 all day, while 7-Eleven will be offering their “Quarter-Pound Big Bite” Hot dog for also a dollar at select locations. Even […]

Indianapolis’ newest church exercising its “religious freedom” has held its first worship service in a festive way, welcoming congregants and community while the world watches. Click the media player below to hear the latest about the First Church of Cannabis. ###(@kwellscomm)### kimwellsmedia 070215 @PraiseIndy

A steakhouse known for delivering plate after plate of steak grilled up to the diner’s perfection is helping backyard “BBQer’s” grill their perfect meats this Memorial Day weekend–the official opening of the Summer grilling season. Click the media player below to grab a tip or two from Longhorn Steakhouse’s executive chef to have a great […]

Many parents put their daughters, or little princesses, in ballet classes for a variety of reasons. If getting a bit of exercise is a part of that reasoning then you’ll need to know, you’re dabbling in the wrong art form. A new study finds that ballet doesn’t provide very good, or very much, exercise for […]

Most seasoned travelers know that planning is the key to getting the most out of a trip and squeezing out all of its value. A worthy goal for maxing out that fun and value involves more than just knowing about the lowest airfares or best prices for accommodations, it requires knowing about about destinations, events and logistics. […]

If you’ve used your credit card to buy hair or nail care products in the last few months, you may want to pay attention. For a second time in a little more than a year, major beauty supply company Sally Beauty Supply says its payment card system has been hacked. Officials with the beauty retail giant said Thursday morning they now have […]

It’s National “Get Fit, Don’t Sit” Day. Did you know that sitting in an office chair for more than 90 minutes at a time can slowly start to negatively affect your health? It’s true according to the American Diabetes Association. The ADA says what seems like harmlessly staying in your chair at work, actually increases your […]

You can own a piece of a legendary TV mogul’s Chicago estate that’s going up for auction to support education. Click the media player below to listen to AM-1310’s Kim Wells’ story on how you can take a sneak peek and possibly snag a little bit of Oprah Winfrey for your own collection. To check out more […]

Happy April Fool’s Day! No I won’t put a whoopee cushion on your chair, put crazy glue on your keyboard or desk phone receiver or anything more embarrassing. I swear. Business etiquette expert, Lydia Ramsey cautions you to be considerate in how you observe this jokester’s pranking holiday. Take a listen to the media player below. […]

Though you may be a believer in a higher power, are you still one who finds yourself thinking  about Friday the 13th and feeling anxiety over the superstitious day, then you may be suffering from a condition known as Triskaidekaphobia. Let me help you with that, it’s pronounced, “tris-kai-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh.” I had to say it out […]