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ABC Coorespondent Linsey Davis

ABC News Corespondent and Channel 13 Alum Linsey Davis

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, July 14, 2015.  (Interview Starts At 1:12:21 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). It’s always great after all these years to see an African-American who worked in Indianapolis media and then left for a new and better opportunity to become successful. Linsey Davis was a Reporter and Weekend Anchor for WTLC/Channel 13 from 2003 to 2007. During her years in Indy she not only covered local stories, but two Olympics and Hurricane Katrina. She left Channel 13 to go network, to ABC. First doing reports for ABC affiliate stations and then in 2009 she became an ABC News Correspondent. Covering all types of stories from the Haiti Earthquake, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson’s deaths, and more. Recently, her interview with Bill Cosby where he actually answered some questions about his troubles with women earned acclaim and went viral on line. Linsey Davis returned to Indy Tuesday. Not to cover a story, but to be the story. Linsey was Keynote Speaker for Indiana Black Expo’s annual Media Reception where each year an outstanding media figure delivers remarks on media, from their perspective. In an exclusive Afternoons with Amos radio interview, Linsey Davis talked about the Cosby interview and the controversy. She talked about her career as an ABC Correspondent, doing stories for Good Morning America, World News and Nightline, where her story on Single Black Females generate huge on air and online buzz.  In the  interview with Amos you’ll hear Linsey’s love of journalism and doing a story right. Her dedication to her profession and her warmth and down to Earth manner.  Which is what Channel 13 viewers saw when she was here. It’s an interview you’ll enjoy hearing. (Interview Starts At 1:59 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). If you didn’t live a in a neighborhood devastated by the strong windstorm on Monday evening July 10th, you aren’t aware of the severe damage the winds and hundreds of blown down trees caused to IPL’s electrical system. Brad Riley of IPL updated listeners on the extent of the storm and told the community repairs could take until the end of the week. (Interview Starts At 15:07 Mark On PODCAST Media Player) Amos caught up with IMPD Chief Rick Hite at the National Convention of NOBLE (National organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives) which has met here the first of this week.  In the interview, Chief Hite gave his impressions of the speech given Monday to NOBLE by Attorney general Loretta Lynch. Chief Hite also talked about body cams and the release of the Mack Long shooting video. (Open Lines Topics and Discussion Starts At 20:27 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Most of Tuesday’s program was Open Lines, with listeners weighing in on the release and continuing controversy over the Mack Long shooting video.  Calls with concerns about problems ex-offenders continue to have gaining employment and a whole lot more.  The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Runs 96 Minutes. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.