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Soon after Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing would be indicted for murder in the killing of Samuel DuBose, his attorney claimed his client was disrespected during the hearing.

According to Fox19, lawyer Stuart “Stew” Mathews believes Deters treated his client unfairly during the hearing, using labels like “murder,” “asinine” and “an execution.” He also says the pressure of public opinion caused Deters to throw Tensing ‘under the bus’ – instead of speaking about his prior clean record.

“I think he’s been trying to create great prejudice against my client,” he said. “He didn’t have to carry on the way he did and I’m extremely offended by it. I think my client has been thrown under the bus by everyone in this city. From the president of the UC (University of Cincinnati) to the mayor. the city manager, to the police chief. I am upset this morning.”

When asked about Tensing’s reaction to the murder indictment, Mathews says he was shocked.

“He cried,” he said. “He broke down and cried. He couldn’t believe it. He was doing his job as a police officer. He’s had a great career–a short career, but a great one. He’s never had any problems and now he find himself charged with murder facing 15 to life sentence.”

The 10-minute body cam footage released to the public this afternoon paints a very different portrait of what happened on July 19, the day DuBose was shot and killed. In his three-page police report, Tensing said DuBose presented a threat, but the 43-year-old appeared calm in the video. Another officer corroborated statements that Tensing made to authorities, one of which stated DuBose grabbed his arm.

Mathews told reporters the second officer’s body camera footage will reveal the entire story.

“It’s just ugly and when people see the second tape, there’s a different version stated by Deters in his press conference,” he said. “They’ll see what when on out there on the scene.”

Police have not yet addressed the footage from the second officer, but Deters says the video shows “absolutely nothing.”



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