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Aft w/Amos Oct 26

Author and Activist Muhammad Siddeeq

Aft w/Amos Oct 26

Where Are You Daddy Book

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Monday, October 26, 2015. (Interview with Author Muhammad Siddeeq About His Book On The Infamous Michael Taylor Case Starts At 4:56 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). For 28 years the case of Michael Taylor, a young Black youth arrested for an alleged offense who has handcuffed and placed in the back of an Indianapolis police car.  Taylor, according to the police, pulled a gun out of the his high top tennis shoe, while handcuffed, put the gun to his head and committed suicide.  That case in September 1987 causes a firestorm of protest. No criminal charges were ever filed against police officers. But in a Federal civil case, the City and IPD were found negligent and damages were paid to Taylor’s family.  Local activist Muhammad Siddeeq, who has doggedly pursued the facts of the case all these years, has written a book about the case and his views on it.

In an exclusive Afternoons with Amos interview, Siddeeq talked about his new book Where Are You Daddy? (Who  Killed Michael Taylor)?  In the interview, Siddeeq talked about the case, his theory of what happened and lessons to be learn about the Michael Taylor’s case today in the era of Black Lives Matter.  To order the self-published book you can call 317-847-7805.

IPS Key School

(Comments and Listener Reaction To The Continued Mess In IPS Over Shifting Several Schools Starts At 37:02 On Media Player).  Listeners continued to react to the proposals by IPS to move the highly regarded performing arts program at School 70 on the northside to the Key School located just south of downtown.  And the interview on the Friday October 23rd Afternoons with Amos with a very nervous IPS Supt Dr. Lewis Ferebee and his explanations of the moves and IPS’ proposed school autonomy plans. Click Here For the October 23rd PODCAST with that interview.  (Interview About Indiana’s New Proposed College and Career Ready and Workforce Ready Diplomas Starts At 53:01 Mark On Media Player). About two and a half years from now, in August 2018 if the Legislature and the Indiana State Board of Education approves, Indiana will adopt a new system of high school diplomas that are simpler in some sense but that also clearly prepares students for college and careers or the workplace.

Aft w/Amos Oct 26

Jason Bearce, Commission on Higher Education

Aft w/Amos Oct 19

Tim Clark, Commission on Higher Education

To talk about the new Indiana College and Career Ready and Workplace Ready Diplomas, Jason Bearce and Tim Clark of the Commission for Higher Education appeared on Afternoons with Amos. The new College and Career Ready Diploma would replace the current General and Core 40 high school diplomas in the state. The biggest changes: an increase in 44 credits as the minimum to receive a high school diploma.  Bearce said that the number of credits needed to graduate has Indiana below many other states which have raised their requirements in recent years. The College and Career Ready diploma would require 8 credits of English/Language Arts courses; 8 credits of Math including Algebra and Geometry and Calculus. Six credits in science, 6 in social studies. Also a course in Preparing for College and Career and a course in Personal Financial responsibility would be required. The Workforce Ready diploma is more for the student not planning to attend college but planning a work career after high school.  Forty credits would be the minimum for this diplomas with 8 credits in English/Language Arts and 6 to 8 credits in Meth required.  Four credits each in Science and Social Studies would be required with this diploma.  The required course in Preparing for College and Career and the required course in Personal Financial Responsibility would also be required.  In the interview Bearce and Clark stressed the importance of parents and grandparents get know what their children’s diploma path in high school is and make decisions on that pathway as early as the start of freshman year.     The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Monday, October 26, 2015 Runs 9x Minutes. ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. POPDCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.