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Sean Astin

Source: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic / Getty

Sean Astin is best known for his roles in films such as The Goonies and Rudy, but now he seems to be spending a lot of time making Christian films.  Astin sat down with Yahoo for an interview, where he discussed his faith and movies.

Astin’s character Hank, in his latest Christian film Woodlawn, helps a young football player discover his talents and faith while rising above racial tension.  Astin commented on how he made his way into Christian films by stating, “There used to be a time in Hollywood where the industry was so small [that] if you worked with people, you could find yourself working with them over and over again. In the Christian film space, it’s pretty small. The numbers are growing, the audience is showing up, but it’s still relatively intimate in terms of the number of filmmakers who are able to raise money to have budgets that have good production values. I was offered a part on one about three or four years ago, and it seemed like a good fun part.”

Christian films have been becoming increasingly popular at the box office, as the Christian film War Room took the number one spot this past September.  Woodlawn recently debuted in the number nine spot at the box office.

From the sounds of it, Astin will continue to be a part of making Christian films in the future, as the genre continues to grow.  You can read the full interview here, and check out the Woodlawn trailer below.