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Mayor-elect Joe Hogsett

Mayor-Elect Joe Hogsett In Studio

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Wednesday, November 4, 2015. (Exclusive Extended Interview With Mayor-Elect Joe Hogsett Starts At 1:13 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). Fresh from his strong victory in the Indianapolis Mayoral election, mayor-elect Joe Hogsett kicked off the Post-Election Afternoons with Amos in an exclusive extended interview.  The Mayor-elect talked about the start of the transition and thanked listeners for their votes and support.  The Mayor-elect reemphasized his words from his speech Election Night where he said it was time for the city to come together and that as Mayor he wasn’t going to be just the Mayor for Democrats or Republicans but for everyone in the city.  Hogsett said he had asked and Mayor Greg Ballard had agreed not to take any actions that would commit the city to long term arrangements.  And that Mayor Ballard had pledged during the transition to share all vital information with the Mayor-elect’s team.  Hogsett said he would be announcing his transition team very soon.  The Mayor-elect was asked about postponing until he takes office such actions impacting neighborhoods like the proposed development of apartments that could negatively impact residents of the historic Ransom Place homes in the Indiana Avenue area. The Mayor-elect was also asked if he’d heard from the White House (not yet), but said that he’d received a congratulatory call from former President Bill Clinton. Hogsett said he was thrilled at the Democratic victories including the historic win taking control of the Lawrence Council.  The Mayor-elect said he would be working with all members of the Indianapolis City-County Council.  He also talked about how his family took the victory.  Afternoons with Amos talked to a couple of other winners of the election.

Candidate Tuesday Photos Sept 15 show

Rev. Stephen Clay, District 13

(Interview With City-County Councilman Stephen Clay Starts At 26:01 Mark On MEDIA Player). Rev. Stephen Clay becomes the first pastor to be elected to the City-County Council in Indianapolis history.  Councilman Clay talked about the impact of the Democratic victories in the Council and the Mayor plus the Council win in Lawrence. An what newly elected or re-elected Council members need to do to rebuild trust and rapport with voters and the community.

aft w/amos oct 8th

Lawrence Councilwoman Sherron Freeman

(Interview About Historic Democratic Wins In Lawrence With Councilwoman Sherron Freeman At 50:16 Mark On Media Player). Besides a new Mayor with Mayor-elect Hogsett, Democrats in Lawrence, though they lost the Mayor’s race, won big taking control of the Lawrence Common Council for the first time in history.  Afternoons with Amos talked live with Lawrence Councilwoman Sherron Freeman about the history making win and the prospects for divided government (Republican mayor and Democratic Council) in Lawrence. Listeners also reacted to the election wins and losses as Afternoons with Amos also shared and updated listeners on enrollment statistic for area school districts for the new school year. Today showing gains in Black student enrollment in township schools while IPS suffered a nearly 1,500 Black student decline.  The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Wednesday, November 4, 2015 Runs 92 Minutes. ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.