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It’s Fall!  You know, the season where all you seem to get done on the weekends is rake up all the leaves that have fallen, or just seem to appear in your yard.  If you hate raking leaves, you may want to keep reading.  The National Wildlife Federation has determined once and for all that raking your leaves is actually bad!

There are three main reasons raking your yard is not such a good thing:

  1. Wildlife rely on the leaves to survive.  Squirrels and caterpillars use the leaves to nest in, as well as eat.
  2. Leaves provide a natural mulch for your garden and flower bed, not to mention it’s free!
  3. Leaves and other yard debris makes up for 13% of solid waste in our landfills.  They cannot break down due to lack of oxygen and then they release greenhouse gas methane.

So instead of spending all that time raking your yard, spend it actually out enjoying the beautiful earth God created.  If you still aren’t convinced to stop raking your leaves, just think of how much your back will appreciate not hurting for two days after an afternoon of raking.  If you would like more information and facts on the matter, click here.

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