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British Parliament Condemns Donald Trump, Divided Over Banning Him

After calling for a temporary shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S., British lawmakers on Monday held a vigorous debate about banning Donald Trump from the UK, reports Reuters.

While describing the Republican front-runner’s comments as “crazy” and “offensive,” most of the lawmakers decided the ban would hurt free speech, writes the news outlet.

From CNN:

In doing so, the parliamentarians served up blunter criticisms than some of his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination have landed, labeling the 69-year-old “poisonous,” “a buffoon” and even a “wazzock” — British slang for “a stupid or annoying person.”

“I don’t think Donald Trump should be allowed within 1,000 miles of our shore,” Jack Dromey, the Labour Party’s shadow home affairs minister, told the assembled MPs.

The debate was triggered by a public petition launched in the wake of Trump’s call to ban Muslims from the U.S., which called on the British parliament to ban Trump from the country for hate speech.

Meanwhile, Trump is also facing criticism at home after he flubbed a Scripture name while making a pitch to woo young evangelical voters Monday at Liberty University, a Christian school in Virginia.

From Mashable:

After vowing to protect Christians across the globe, Trump read a verse from Second Corinthians — one of the books in the New Testament. But Trump flubbed the name, pronouncing it “Two Corinthians,” as it’s often written in text.


The billionaire businessman’s visit to the school was likely a ploy to woo Evangelical voters to his camp.

Evangelicals are currently flocking to Trump’s top opponent, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is leading in Iowa and gaining in Southern primary states with just 13 days until the Iowa caucuses.

The real estate mogul’s campaign also announced that he would be joined by a very “special guest” at an Ames, Iowa rally Tuesday at the Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center, reports ABC News.



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