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Gainsville Police Officer, Bobby White, has received lots of attention over the past few days for what his dash cam captured when he responded to a call of kids playing basketball “loudly.”  Officer White said to one of the kids, “Can you believe someone is calling and complaining about kids playing basketball in the street?”  Next thing you know, Officer White is playing basketball with the kids, even dunking on them.  In the video below, posted by the Gainesville Police Department, Officer White told the kids he would be back another day with “back up” to play a game with them.

The video has over 15 million views, and it managed to capture the attention of none other than former NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neal.  On Saturday, Shaq showed up to the Gainesville Police Department and surprised Officer White.  Shaq wanted to make sure Officer White kept good on him promise of “bringing back up” when the officers went back to play a game with the kids.

Officer White and other members of the Gainesville Police Department pulled up to the street where the kids were playing basketball.  The officers approach the kids and White says, “Told you I was gonna bring some backup, right? You guys ready?”  Shaq then gets out of an SUV and completely surprises the kids.  Check out the video below, it’s sure to make you smile today.