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Dutch Bros Coffee

Source: Barbara Danner / facebook

Earlier this week, Barbara Danner was waiting in line at a Dutch Bros coffee shop in Vancouver, as she witnessed a moment of compassion between employees and a customer.  Danner snapped the above photo of three employees coming together to pray for a young grieving woman who’s 37-year-old husband died the day before.

Pierce Dunn, 19-year-old Dutch Bros employee, gave the woman a free coffee then offered to pray with her.  Two other employees came to the drive through window to also pray with Dunn and the woman.

Dunn said, “That moment was absolutely incredible.”  He went on to say, “She was crying. I shed a few tears. We’ve cried since as well. When something that real happens, it hits close to home.”

The franchise owner, Jessica Chudek, was proud of her employees but she wasn’t surprised.  She says her employees often do things of this nature daily, it just never gets caught on camera.

What a great story!  Check out Barbara Danner’s Facebook post that has now been shared over 120,000 times below.  You can read more on the story here.