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COURTESY WORTH INK PUBLIC RELATIONS Marvin Sapp opens up on his transition of becoming a single dad, and shares his thoughts on the stereotypes of black dads.

“There’s a lot of us out here that are serious about being integral, strong, upstanding men who are serious about making an impact in the lives of their children.”

Marvin Sapp’s 2007 record-breaking single “Never Would Have Made It” is a testament that can be applied to the Gospel singer’s transition into life as a single dad.

Since the death of his wife, MaLinda, in 2010 due to complications from colon cancer, Sapp’s journey as a single father has been both “challenging and rewarding.” He has been raising his two daughters, MiKaila, 19, and Madisson, 17, and son, Marvin Jr., 22, while navigating his career as a pastor, artist and entrepreneur.

The 49-year-old said he initially felt inadequate and too grief stricken to take on the challenge of being a single dad who would have to face the challenges of raising his kid’s through their adolescence alone. Ultimately, Sapp said he ended up setting his personal objectives aside to make his children his number one priority. As a result, Sapp is now well-adjusted and thriving as two of his children are college students currently enrolled at Howard University and Alabama A&M University, respectively. He has also extended his parenting skills through his involvement with Western Michigan’s first K-12 charter school, Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Arts and Technology (GREAAT) — where his late wife was a co-founder.

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