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Every day, people are speaking to their mountains. They are saying what they really believe. They are saying things like, “I am never going to get out of debt! My husband’s drinking problem is getting worse! My wife will not tell me the truth! My kids are out of control! They won’t listen to a word I say! My job is getting worse and worse with every day! I am afraid that I am going to lose everything that I have! This pain is killing me!” People are speaking to their mountains of debt, relationships, family, jobs, sickness and problems on a daily basis. And they do NOT DOUBT that what they are saying is TRUE! So, what they are saying “will happen and will be done for them!”

That is right, people all over this world are speaking to their mountains and have been for quite some time. Jesus told us in Mark 11:23 about the Law of The Kingdom of God of speaking, not doubting and believing what you are saying and it will be done. This Law WORKS IF YOU ARE SPEAKING LIFE OR DEATH, PROSPERITY OR POVERTY, LACK OR MORE THAN ENOUGH, PEACE OR TROUBLE, FAVOR OR RUIN, SUCCESS OR FAILURE, SICKNESS OR HEALTH. As people speak to their mountains it GROWS, MOVES and with every word spoken to it, it gets THICKER, TALLER and DEEPER! And as our words make the mountains develop, we believe in it and what we are telling others about it more and more! Therefore, we are believing and not doubting that our mountain will never go away or change for the better or good!

Church what side of this Law of The Kingdom of God are you on? Because whatever you and I are saying to and about our mountains . . . we are getting. Are you speaking, not doubting and believing for the bad or for the better in your life? Are you speaking, not doubting and believing towards that mountain, hope or hopelessness? Are you making the mountain move for the better or for the worse?

See, you have been following this Law of The Kingdom all along and it has been for your good or for your bad. Make a decision right now to begin to speak LIFE, JOY, FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, GOODNESS, PEACE, FAVOR, and HEALTH to your mountains! Choose today to use this Law for your good and others good! And what is great, is that you already know HOW this Law works! For, you have been living by Your Words . . . . You Have ALREADY BEEN DOING IT!

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