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About three months ago, high school student Amy Joyner-Francis lost her life after she was involved in an altercation with three other girls in a women’s restroom at her school.  A 16-year-old female was formally charged in Joyner-Francis’ death, and now the judge is considering charging her as an adult.

The 16-year-old, appeared in court this past Monday, where the cell phone footage of the altercation was shown.  The judge will make his ruling by the end of the week, on weather or not the 16-year-old should be tried as an adult on charges of criminally negligent homicide and conspiracy.

The cell phone video was uploaded to the popular ap Snapchat, which allows users to upload photos and videos that disappear after a certain amount of time.  The altercation apparently stemmed from a group text between the girls, which they discussed advice about a boy.  It’s thought the three girls planned to attack Joyner-Francis the next day.

Officials say the cause of Joyner-Francis’ death was a “cardiac incident.”  Joyner-Francis suffered from a pre-existing heart condition called atrial septal defect, and officials say that the cardiac incident wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t assaulted.

The two other females involved are charged with conspiracy.  Read more on the story here.