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House Exterior

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There are a host of factors that people use in selecting a home.  If there is no pre-existing home built already, the potential homeowners will more than likely choose their new plot of land based on the land value and the neighborhood that they will be living in.  If there is an existing home already built, an entire litany of factors affect whether the home becomes a realistic option for purchase.  The foundation and structure, size, layout, amenities, bonus features, landscaping, any pre-existing conditions, potential for growth, closet space, current wall painting, appliances, garage, neighborhood factors, and so on.  All of these comprise what we call the living conditions.

Most of us, if not all of us, have a standard that we expect regarding our living conditions.  We just wouldn’t accept anything nor would we be comfortable inviting others over into living conditions that appear subpar.

The same way that we have a standard for our living conditions, Jesus has a standard for His living conditions.  Isn’t it amazing that nowhere in scriptures is it detailed “specifically” what happened between the time when Jesus was buried and the discovery of the stone being rolled away?  I think it is amazing that God doesn’t provide those details and that could be an endless theological discussion, but I think that all of us who believe in the resurrection would agree that DEATH was a living condition that Jesus just couldn’t accept.

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