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As a part of NewsOne Now’s special coverage of the 46th annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Legislative Conference, Roland Martin and a select panel of guests look at the state of the 2016 Presidential campaign and dissected a perplexing group of Donald Trump supporters.

Recent polls indicate that the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is tightening, but is it cause for concern for Democrats?

According to Martin, Clinton’s fall in the polls and Trump’s apparent rise is not a big deal because this year’s presidential election will come down to approximately four or five states.

Attorney Midwin Charles shared people may seem frazzled by the shift in the polls because at one point Clinton was up by ten points and said, “I actually think it is a good thing … at some point people were already calling her the heir apparent and at this point I think what this does is it prevents the Democrats and Hillary from becoming too complacent and now you’re going to have to work for it.”

A portion of Donald Trump’s rise in the polls can be contributed to “a bunch of mad angry White folks” who do not care what the Republican presidential nominee has said about women, immigrants, minorities, Sen. John McCain, or the Gold Star family, the Khans.

This contingent of voters seem to be fueled by their hatred of President Barack Obama and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. Trump has been able to pair these angry White voters with the rise of the Alt-Right.

Dr. Cleo Manago, CEO of the Black Men’s Xchange, said, “White supremacy is not rational and what they are reacting to from my perspective is eight years of a Black president.”

Manago continued, “They are trying to make up for lost time and they don’t care what Trump says as long as he’s White and being anti everybody else, because that’s a part of their consciousness.

“There’s White people who are fearful of a change in landscape in terms of power and color and they think that this is their savior,” said Manago.

“All he has to do is be pro-White and anti-Black and anti everybody else and they’re going to love him.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the current state of the 2016 presidential race in the video clip above.


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