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*Most women do about 11 things at the same time (including talking on the phone)–especially if they’re married with children! We get good at responsibility-juggling because we have to:

There’s a job to manage, diapers to change, a house to clean, books to read, friends to reach out to, not to mention a husband to care for. We know how it feels to lose heart when we get burdened by too many responsibilities.

While your husband may not juggle the same number of details you do, the challenges he deals with are heavy ones, too–starting with a wife to love and serve, a career at which to succeed, even children to nurture.

And, just like you, he can lose heart while carrying heavy responsibilities.

That’s one of the reasons why God put people together in marriage — for mutual encouragement. Unfortunately, building up is harder work than demolishing, which comes all too naturally!

But an encouraged husband makes a great life partner — he’s more positive, responsive, and better equipped to work and serve your whole family.

Say thanks.

If you find it hard to come up with ways to encourage your husband, saying thanks is a great place to start. If things are rocky just now and you don’t feel particularly thankful for your husband (believe me, this happens!), start small. Thank him for holding open a door, picking up the newspaper after he’s finished, or tucking your kids into bed.

Many women hold back grateful affirmations because they think, Why should I thank him for things he should do anyway?! The first reason to do it is because you’ve signed up for this gig (being his wife). The second is that your positive words pave the way for your husband to do more of the same.

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