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Bishop Vashti McKenzie was appointed by President Barack Obama and served as the President’s Advisory Council of the White House Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership. She’s currently the prelate of the 10th Episcopal District and joined “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell,” to speak about the importance of voting as well as choosing the candidate that has the same beliefs as you.

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McKenzie talked about how we must vote for people that have the integrity, same interest as us and a heart. She also spoke about people that talk about faith, use scriptures and claim they’re Christians, but don’t show it within their politics.

McKenzie said, “Go for the truth.”

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McKenzie’s biggest problem is the fact that so many people stay home on Election Day instead of going out to vote. She mentioned that if you don’t know who to vote for do research instead of sitting in front of your television listening to the news all day.

Furthermore, people have fought and died just so we can have this right.

McKenzie said, “Why are you going to let other people make decisions for you!”

Go out and vote today!

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