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INDIANAPOLIS — Critical race theory, a once-obscure academic concept that is nearly 40 years old, has been thrust into the spotlight following last year’s social justice protests and a push by several states to create bills that would ban teaching the topic in elementary, middle and high schools.

In the most basic terms, the core idea of critical race theory (CRT) is that race is a social construct and racism is embedded in our legal systems and policies.

But the concept has much more advanced ideas, and when it comes to teaching concepts derived from CRT in K-12 schools, parents, school boards and educators are divided.

Several schools across the state have sparked debates when discussing adding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) officers to their staff and CRT to the curriculum. School board meetings in Hamilton County this year have turned contentious as community members protested DEI initiatives and claimed schools are teaching CRT.

Carmel Clay Schools officials stressed in May that they do not teach CRT and their DEI initiatives for staff have nothing to do with what their students are being taught in the classroom.

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