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Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick

Source: (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

STATEWIDE — The state’s largest teacher’s union has thrown its support behind the Democratic candidate for governor.

Dr. Jennifer McCormick has gotten the endorsement of the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA), which is a key endorsement secured by McCormick. The endorsement now allows her to have access to about $1.3 million in campaign money that comes from the union’s political action committee.

“Under her leadership we saw a commitment to local control, ensuring that decisions are being made by those who know our students best,” said ISTA president Keith Gambill.

McCormick is the state’s last elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction. That position has now been absorbed into what is now the governor-appointed Secretary of Education. Because of that move, among other things, is why McCormick switched from being a Republican to a Democrat last year.

An overarching reason why she is being endorsed by the ISTA is her stance on school choice.

“When we have 90-percent of our families, in a time of choice in the state, they say ‘We choose you! We choose public education!’ But the funding does not,” McCormick said on the steps of the Indiana Statehouse Wednesday. “The funding is not following that choice. It is following a very small percentage of our kids.”

McCormick is against the current school voucher program that has been supported by Republicans that allows families to use vouchers to send their kids to private schools if they choose. She has said many times that school vouchers should only be used for public schools.

She is the only Democrat so far who is running in the primary.

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