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According to, Bill Cosby’s long-discussed rap album is finally here.

Titled “Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency,” the set features the comedian as executive producer in charge of developing the concepts for each track.

William “Spaceman” Patterson and Ultramagnetic MC veteran Ced-Gee served as the album’s producers, mixing elements of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, pop, rock, and funk to power such songs as “Where’s the Parade,” honoring black women; “Dad Behind the Glass,” about absent fathers; and “Get on Your Job,” detailing self-responsibility.

“I don’t like referring to the music as clean,” Cosby said in a statement. “What I like is what you’re not going to do. You’re not going to curse. You’re not going to put women down. You’re not going to put the glory of the gun somewhere. And you’re not going to put a whole lot of violence up front like that’s the thing that will cleanse you and make you feel better.”

The album will be available for digital and physical release on Nov. 24, including Cosby’s social media network site Cosby and the Cosnarati Band will perform on Oct. 19 via a virtual town hall meeting in New York City. The presentation is courtesy of Ustream and begins at 7 p.m. Additionally, the concert will be available on and