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A copy of Action Comics No. 1 from 1938 featuring Superman in his debut, has sold for a whopping $1.5 million on, smashing previous records for a single comic book sale.

Before this sale, another rare copy of Action Comics No. 1 had sold for $1 million and Detective Comics No. 27, in which Batman makes his debut, sold for $1.075 million.

“This new record will be hard to break,” says co-owner and COO, Vincent Zurzolo. “Because this particular Action Comics No. 1 is literally the single most valuable comic book on the planet.”

That’s not an idle boast. This particular copy of Action Comics No. 1 was given a grading of 8.5 versus the 8.0 that the $1 million copy of Action Comics No. 1 rated.

The high grade comes from its excellent condition. The comic book was tucked inside a stack of magazines from the 1930s, preserving its quality. A savvy buyer who purchased the stack of magazines knew exactly what he held in his hands when he saw the iconic image of the Man of Steel lifting a car. Since then, the comic book has been bought and sold several times, increasing in sale price each time.

“For two decades, the highest-graded copy of the world’s most valuable comic book–the subject of countless speculation and the target of countless offers–remained out of reach,” says Stephen Fishler, founder of “It would take a miracle to shake it loose. And that’s exactly what happened. The recent, record-breaking string of million dollar comic sales was the catalyst. And once it entered the arena, there was no question it would become the most expensive comic book ever sold.”

Even though Superman first emerge in 1938, his appeal continues unabated and not only in the comic book collector’s world. “Smallville” on The CW has been renewed for a 10th season, and on the big screen, the critically acclaimed “Superman Returns” starring Brandon Routh has spawned talks of a possible sequel.

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