Here is the link to watch today’s (Saturday, Aug 16, 2014) Home Going service for Al Hobbs.

Follow @carusoonair Haven’t made it to the state fair yet this year….well, with the 2014 Indiana State Fair wrapping up this weekend I think it is time to get the family, friends, strangers (ok maybe not them) but you get the point…. Sooooo many awesome things going on all weekend long, including today is $5 […]

Follow @carusoonair Indiana pilot survives vital plane crash in Maine after mechanical problems occurred during flight, which then made him crash-land in the middle of a road avoiding traffic! According to¬† “43-year-old William J. Worth, of Indiana, was headed to the Sanford Airport about 5:30 p.m. Sunday after leaving Frenchville when the plane malfunctioned and […]

Follow @carusoonair News hit early this Thursday, August 7th, Morning about local Indianapolis basketball star who was arrested. Greg Oden, who attended and graduated from Lawrence North High School, was arrested Thursday morning on charges of battery for possibly hitting his ex-girlfriend. Oden, who has recently been released by the Miami Heat after a 1 […]