INDIANAPOLIS – Cameron Ridle, Ebony Chappel and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz take a look back at the crazy week that was Indiana’s turn for The 2016 Primary Election. “Indy Speaks with Cameron Ridle” airs Sunday Mornings at 7AM on HOT 96.3. Follow @CameronRidle on Twitter or email at . ©2016 WHHH-FM/Radio One.

INDIANAPOLIS – Cameron Ridle and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz break down the details and possibilities in Indiana’s upcoming Primary Election on May 3, 2016. Interviews include Indiana Rep. Cherish Pryor supporting the Hillary Clinton campaign and Jerry Hendrix representing the Ted Cruz campaign. “Indy Speaks with Cameron Ridle” airs Sunday Mornings at 7AM on HOT 96.3. Follow […]

(Indianapolis, IN) – Indianapolis has a new mayor, Joe Hogsett, and he has his plans, including putting more cops in Indy’s worst neighborhoods, sharing information…

(Indianapolis, IN) – Thousands of Hoosiers have called Public Housing Projects “home”, and for a lot of residents, their living situation didn’t slow their success.…

Indianapolis callers were on fire about what needs to be done in the city as Cameron Ridle and Political Analyst Abdul-Hakim Shabazz talked about the…

In a wide ranging interview with Amos, top leaders of the United Way of Central Indiana addressed the growing numbers of Indianapolis and Central Indiana residents living below the poverty level.  United Way President/CEO Ann Murtlow talked with Amos and Abdul about the Indy’s growing poverty, which Amos documented in a recent report.  Of the […]

In a sudden move that upset faculty, students, alumni and members of the community, Martin University has fired sixteen employees. The decision, suddenly announced on Friday (October 18), took the university community and general community by surprise.  Students flooded AM1310 The Light’s Friday Amos & Abdul program with calls and complaints of concern.  Callers charged […]

For 43 years first on FM and then on AM and FM, WTLC has broadcast live from Indiana Black Expo and made news and controversy as WTLC personalities and hosts interviewed elected officials and community leaders at Expo time about key issues facing Indianapolis’ African-American community.  This year’s 43rd Indiana Black Expo was no exception. […]

In an unprecedented joint committee of Indiana Senators and Representatives, the President of the company responsible for Indiana’s ISTEP+ Tests accepted responsibility for the botched testing that caused over 78,000 Hoosier students to have their ISTEP test sessions interrupted and disrupted by severe computer problems. At the start of a special legislative Education Commission, broadcast […]

No matter what major city, big city crime increases, spikes during the summer months.  Knowing that and with fewer police officers than in recent years, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has a serious task.  IMPD Chief Rick Hite appeared Friday on Amos & Abdul, which airs Friday’s in the Afternoons with Amos time period.  Chief […]

Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican candidate for Vice-President in 2012, quietly visited Indianapolis’ Martindale-Brightwood a couple of weeks ago to learn first hand about the problems and hopes of African-Americans and African-American men. Rep. Ryan, who’s authored GOP budget plans that some say would harm poor and working class families, especially African-Americans,  visited Emmanauel Missionary […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 56 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. Two of Indianapolis’ most outspoken African-American commentators/columnists joined Amos on a provocative Afternoons with Amos program. Erika Smith, the Indianapolis Star’s Urban Affairs Columnist joined WRTV/Channel 6 commentator/blogger Abdul Hakim-Shabazz in a spirited discussion of the issues the African-American community faces in the final third […]