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For 43 years first on FM and then on AM and FM, WTLC has broadcast live from Indiana Black Expo and made news and controversy as WTLC personalities and hosts interviewed elected officials and community leaders at Expo time about key issues facing Indianapolis’ African-American community.  This year’s 43rd Indiana Black Expo was no exception. Below hear the full shows from this year’s Black Expo on AM1310 The Light as we continued the WTLC tradition of live broadcasts on serious issues affecting the community at Indiana Black Expo.

On Black Expo Thursday, Afternoons with Amos talked live with the International President of Zwta Phi Beta Sorority Mary Breaux Wright and two other top Zeta leaders about their sorority, their community work and why nearly 1,000 members of Zeta Phi Beta were in Indianapolis Expo Weekend attending their International Leadership Conference. City-County Council President Maggie Lewis talked about the upcoming Expo weekend along with the running court fight over how the City-County Council should be legally redistricted.  Jackie Nytes, CEO of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library and Dorothy Crenshaw, Library Board Member, talked about the Library’s upcoming series of public hearings on where the Library should go in the next seven to ten years. Click Arrows to Hear Our Black Expo Thursday Broadcasts. Part 1 Runs 53 Minutes.  Part 2 Runs 38 Minutes. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.

On Black Expo Friday, during a special edition of Amos & Abdul Friday,  national celebrities and local leaders stopped by for spirited discussion of key issues facing the community.  Pastor Jeffrey Johnson, an IBE Award recipient sharply defended the Trayvon Martin rally and the issues in the Trayvon case and pushed back against Abdul’s insistence that community leaders don’t care about local Black-on-Black murders.  Tisha Campbell-Martin, another IBE Honoree talked about her passionate crusade for more awareness about autism in the Black community.  US Senator Joe Donnelly talked about what’s been going on in the US Senate, including Health Care reform, the budget and the Senate’s unique private meeting to try and reach understanding on finding so way for the Senate to work together.  Five members of Indiana’s Black Legislative Caucus, Reps. Cherrish Pryor, Vanessa Summers, Greg Porter, Robin Shackleford and Sen. Greg Taylor confronted Abdul on a wide range of issues from education funding, Trayvon Martin, Black-on-Black crime and much more in a heated exchange of views that Amos vainly refereed. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, IMPD Chief Rick Hite and Marion County Clerk Beth White also joined in the Expo Friday discussion.  And then former Zeta Phi Beta International President Sheryl Underwood, who now appears weekdays on the CBS program The Talk showed up and quickly engaged in a heated debate with Abdul over the Trayvon Martin case.  Click Arrows to Hear The lively, spirited, sometimes contenous Black Expo Friday Broadcasts.  Part 1 Runs 57 Minutes. Part 2 Runs 35 Minutes. ©2013 WTLC/Radio One. 

Then watch the Photo Slideshow of Highlights from both Black Expo broadcasts.