@kwellscomm  @PraiseIndy PraiseIndy.com News  — Mary Tyler Moore was apparently a big inspiration on former First Lady Michelle Obama as a young girl. Mrs. Obama told Variety magazine in a 2016 interview that “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” was an important part of her childhood. Obama noted that Moore played one of the few single working women […]

It’s still really cold here in Central Indiana–bitterly cold temps, in fact, around four degrees at some points–on this Wednesday morning. The cold is causing some area school officials to provide extra time for buses and parents to deliver students to school safely with several delays and a few closures in the outlying areas. Click HERE to […]

The bitter cold continues here in Central Indiana on Tuesday with fresh snow falling on top of the ice that was already present on city streets. These weather conditions combine for a messy, slick and potentially dangerous morning commute. Schools are making adjustments this morning to provide extra time for buses and parents to deliver […]

As kids head back to classrooms all across Indy and the nation, a staple of kids lunches–and maybe yours–has been recalled. Kraft is recalling 36,000 cases of its single-wrapped American cheese slices due to possible choking hazards. The company announced Friday that a thin strip of the film from that wrapper could remain stuck to […]

You may want to check your pantry this morning. Kroger grocery chain is recalling four popular cooking spices you may have in your kitchen. This is due to a possible salmonella contamination.  Here’s what you should look for: 12 ounce containers of Bac’n Buds 17.1 ounce containers of Coarse Ground Black Pepper 18.3 ounce containers of Ground […]

Have you noticed that the price of eggs has risen nearly 50-percent in just the last month? It almost makes one scream ouch at the refrigerated section of the local grocer. The reason for the increased price tag of “protein by the dozen” has been blamed on one of the worst bird flu epidemics the […]