Just before the holidays–a season that we all love to nibble on our favorite treats–thousands of bags of candy are being recalled because they might make people sick. Check your snack stash (and your gift-giving stash too). Mars Chocolate North America is recalling its Dove Chocolate Assortment Snowflakes because the 24-ounce bags could contain pieces of […]

The head of the Roman Catholic Church is denouncing the recent horrific murders in Kenya on this Good Friday leading to Easter for Christians and the beginning of Passover for those of the Jewish faith. The Vatican released a statement from Pope Francis where the Pontiff didn’t hold back, “His Holiness condemns this act of senseless […]

Happy April Fool’s Day! No I won’t put a whoopee cushion on your chair, put crazy glue on your keyboard or desk phone receiver or anything more embarrassing. I swear. Business etiquette expert, Lydia Ramsey cautions you to be considerate in how you observe this jokester’s pranking holiday. Take a listen to the media player below. […]

Basketball fans are beginning to arrive here in Indy for the NCAA Men’s Final Four games and surrounding hoopla. As they do, city public safety officials want to ensure the safety of visitors and residents alike. The city of Indianapolis is beefing up security and say a robust security plan is in place which includes the […]

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is standing by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).  On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday morning, Pence said the legislation is about protecting the religious liberty of people and families of faith. He also continued to blame the media for the firestorm of reaction by putting the law into the wrong context. […]

Former Indianapolis Mayor Bill Hudnut is asking for a community’s prayer. The beloved former minister turned politician who brought the Colts to Indianapolis is facing a double health challenge–throat cancer and heart issues.  He told the Indianapolis Star‘s Matt Tully, “The doctors have told me it’s probably a question of months and not years.”  Hudnut […]

UPDATE:  Since the filing of this report, another shooting has occurred bringing the total of shootings in the city to five in the last 24 hours. This latest incident is in the neighborhood of the one on Howard where that victim was shot in the hand. In this one, police have responded to the shooting […]

The state of Indiana is filing a motion to stop Indianapolis Power and Light Company’s request to raise customer rates. IPL is asking for a rate hike of more than $67 million a year. The Indiana Utility Consumer Counselor wants the state regulatory commission to first finish an investigation into last week’s underground explosions that […]

#WTLCIndyNews: IndyGo is looking at changes to improve bus operations for the citizens of Indianapolis. The bus company says it wants to alter its schedule to have more buses running busy routes and fewer on routes with fewer passengers. It would shorten wait times, but people might have to walk a bit further to get to the […]

Get in the Know with Kim’s Monday News & Headlines It’s official… the 2016 U.S. Presidential race has now begun. Canadian-born Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the first candidate to announce a 2016 presidential run. The Republican—who renounced his Canadian citizenship in May of 2014—released a 30 second video on Twitter overnight urging a new […]

Pope Francis is now being credited with a miracle after a saint’s blood became liquid. The blood of Saint Gennaro is usually dry inside a sealed glass container, but it began turning to liquid after the Pope kissed the relic during a ceremony this weekend in Naples. The archbishop of Naples told a cheering crowd, “It is […]

Hoosier fans are geared up for some basketball action as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament continues today. Tenth-seeded Indiana University is in action this afternoon against Wichita State at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha. (Tip is at 2:45 p.m. Eastern on CBS-4.) A couple hours later, the fifth Indiana school that made it into the tourney, 13th-seeded Valparaiso takes on Maryland in Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Arena. […]