The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Wednesday, May 13th. Everyone knows America is a religious country, founded on religious values. But we don’t know much about American’s religious preferences, including the religious preferences of African-Americans.  Neither the government nor the Census asks questions of about people’s religions.  But the Pew Research Center does as part […]

For a half century the Rev. Dr. Melvin Girton has been a spiritual and moral force in Indianapolis and its African-American community.  From the days of the civil rights era to the 21st century, Rev. Girton has pastored the Christ Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis UNWA neighborhood.  For several terms, he served as leader of […]

President Barack Obama met with African-American church  and faith leaders at the White House to discuss the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. The discussion with the President focused on how civil rights and equality are closely tied to voting rights and closing the gap on education, unemployment, and access to health care.  The […]

Located in the United Northwest Area (UNWA) on Indy’s near northwest side, Christ Missionary Baptist Church has been a major beacon of Light, Faith, Hope and Social Activism for 94 years.  For nearly fifty years this great church has been pastored by the Rev. Dr. Melvin B. Girton.  But this week, the Christ Missionary Baptist […]

After a year long transition, Dr. David Hampton is being installed as the fifth pastor in the history of Light of the World Church. Dr. Hampton appeared on Afternoons with Amos to talk about the activities at the church during installation weekend along with where h how he plans to move the church ministry forward. […]

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With just one day to go before the presidential election on Sunday African-American church leaders fired up their congregations to exercise their right to vote. Rev. Samuel Mosteller, assistant pastor of Atlanta’s Good Shepherd Community Church, told theGrio, though he didn’t deliver the morning sermon, he made a special announcement urging his parishioners to cast their ballots. “I want 100 percent […]

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This is getting down right ridiculous!  Crime in the house of the Lord needs to stop now in Jesus Name!  Saints keep this megachurch family in your prayers! click here to read more

Easter Sunday is a sacred day in the Christian tradition. In the black church, it is often a day of celebration, with full capacity attendance…

DeJuaii Pace, the daughter of a preacher and member of the Anointed Pace Sisters has revealed to the Root her sexual orientation as a lesbian, the fact that she is a virgin and her struggles with food addiction. Pace will appear on Oprah’s new show “Addicted To Food.” The Root reports: I didn’t tell anyone […]

By Mashaun D. Simon At a time when it seems African-Americans are the worst hit in every category from unemployment to health care, and social and political representation, a group of black church leaders is re-emerging to help create a unified voice for the black community. The Conference of National Black Churches, a collaboration between […]

Dallas radio host and author, Reuben Armstrong has been doing the media circuit talking about his 2006 book, “Snakes In The Pulpit” in which he accused Bishop Eddie Long of being a homosexual and having relationships with two youth Pastors. Here is one of his interviews. RELATED STORIES Woman Sues Bishop Eddie Long’s Church Over […]