New York– Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the radio therapist who ignited controversy last August with her repeated use of the “N-word” while speaking to an African-American caller on air and subsequently moved from broadcast radio to satellite, said Tuesday: “To call me a racist? That was absurd.”

From TheGrio Radio therapist Dr. Laura Schlessinger speaks with Matt Lauer about her controversial choice to repeatedly reference a racial epithet while speaking to an African-American caller on-air last August. Though it led to her moving from broadcast to satellite radio, she called the incident a blessing in disguise. Visit for breaking news, world […]

  The African American woman who called Dr. Laura Schlessinger for advice and heard the radio talk show host use the n-word 11 times said Thursday that she was confused and hurt by the call.

I was out roaming the streets of east London with a group of friends back in 2007 when we stumbled across this sweaty hipster club tucked between an old church and a bank. It wasn’t a very large space, holding maybe a couple of hundred people, but what it lacked in size was more than […]