The Philadelphia City Council is considering a budget that includes a proposed soda tax. Philadelphia's mayor wants to fund early childhood education with the revenue. But there's serious opposition.

Florida defends itself in court for allegedly failing to provide quality education to poor and minority students. The judge could order the legislature to redesign education funding and take other measures to level the field for all students.

U.S. Education Department proposes new rules to standardize how states identify special education students. The Obama administration suspects there is racial bias in the system.

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Friday, May 15, 2015 Since April, Afternoons with Amos has provided an opportunity to Black State Senators and Representatives to appear on the third Friday of the month to hear from the community and to share what they and other African-American lawmakers are doing. Senator Greg Taylor and Representative […]

The latest series of live interviews with area school board candidates was a bit unusual and rerefreshing. The candidates for school board in Pike and Wayne Townships exhibited enthusiasm, passion and commitment for public education in their appearances on Afternoons with Amos. The candidates who appeared strongly defended their districts and public education, while bemoaning […]

The Indiana Legislature’s in its final week with several key issues yet to resolved. Indiana House Minority Leader Rep. Scott Pelath appeared on Afternoons with Amos to give a sober assessment of what Hoosiers face from the Republican supermajority.  Pelath blasted Republicans and Gov. Mike Pence for their failure to deal with Medicare expansion under […]

Nine of the ten individuals running for the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners and four of the five running for the Wayne Township School Board appeared live on Afternoons with Amos to discuss the issues in their respective school districts.  This month, WTLC-AM and Afternoons with Amos have been interviewing live candidates in six of […]

In the first ever broadcast from Perry Township in WTLC’s long and stories history, Afternoons with Amos went to the southside school district to learn about education in a district that’s been involved in the Indianapolis desegregation effort for thirty-one years. Broadcasting live from Winchester Village Elementary School, Amos talked with Perry Township school officials […]

Two powerful, strong, dynamic, committed Democratic leaders, who happen to be women, appeared live on Afternoons with Amos to stress the critical issues facing voters this November. Rep. Linda Lawson is the new leader of Democrats in the Indiana House. Lawson replaces Rep. Pat Bauer.  She talked boldly with Amos about defending and supporting public […]