In this Ericaism, Erica Campbell explains why keeping score and forgiveness really can’t exist in one person at the same time. When you truly forgive somebody, you let things go. If you’re still replaying hurt over and over, or holding on resentment toward someone, you’re keeping score, not forgiving. Erica explains why the two things […]

Have you been believing God, decreeing and declaring, and expecting great things to happen in 2017, but already, this year is off to a rocky start? You’re not alone! Many of us have already experienced disappointments and setbacks, despite our best efforts to remain faith-filled. So here are 8 powerful scriptures to encourage your heart […]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell tells a story of a woman who decided to ask her children what they thought about her. Each child tried to avoid answering the question, and the woman quickly realized what they really thought of her. Erica says the woman spent so much time being the I-don’t-play-that […]

In this edition of the Love Talk, Erica Campbell discusses the importance of encouragement. She talks about how much she loves to receive feedback from listeners who respond positively to certain parts of the show. She says that feeling of encouragement is a total blessing, and it cultivates a moment of appreciation and gratefulness. It’s […]

In this edition of the Love Talk, Erica Campbell talks about the good men of any age who are husbands, fathers or mentors to young ones out there. GRIFF chimes in with advice to men who are parenting, about what the most valuable thing for a father to give his child is- and it has […]

After Grammy nominee Kehlani Parrish hinted that she attempted suicide Monday, gospel singer Erica Campbell reached out to encourage the young singer and let her know that God still has more work for her to do. Parrish reportedly made her unsuccessful attempt to end her life after rumors hit the news that she cheated on […]

Article By Dianna Hobbs The enemy is trying to discourage you. But remember where your help comes from—the Lord alone. Through the power of prayer, you can overcome every attack of the enemy. Yesterday I didn’t turn on my favorite Gospel station or listen to my most uplifting worship CD while driving. Instead, I softly […]

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Dear God: Align us with friends who stick closer than a brother and lift us up rather than tear us down. If you find yourself…

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The body of Christ is loosing Pastors and Bishops at a rapid rate!  Another Bishop, Bishop Neil Ellis has resigned according to social media yesterday from Bishop Morton’s Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International!  We pray for Bishop Neil Ellis and his decision.  Let’s keep all men and women of God in our prayers. click […]

Loneliness is not necessarily being alone. We may be alone for long periods without feeling at all lonely. On the other hand we may feel…

Chris Brown has been the current topic amongst co-workers, friends, family and anyone who has an opinion regarding his recent outbreak on Good Morning America.  I’ve wondered what Man has the balls to pull this young man aside and have a heart to heart? Would Chris even respect and receive the words coming out of […]

Excerpt from Acts of Faith by Iyanla Vanzant A friend is a person who dislikes the same people you do. – Anonymous Don’t hang out with people who are where you don’t want to be.  Your friends and the environment reflect what you really feel about yourself.  Winners hang out with winners. Losers hang out […]