In this Ericaism, Erica Campbell explains why she'll always say hi to fans.

Have you ever taken a selfie and posted it just because you were really feeling yourself at that moment?  That’s exactly what Empire actress Gabourey Sidibe did.  Sidibe posted a selfie to Instagram and she unexpectedly got loads of positive comments about her apparent slimmer figure. After Sidibe posted the selfie, she began to get encouraging […]


Cavs fans just couldn’t help but poke fun at Ayesha Curry before game 7 even started.  After game 6, Ayesha went on a Twitter rant, that has since been deleted, accusing the NBA of rigging the series.  Cavs fans wasted no time capitalizing on the rant by selling shirts that said “Bye Ayesha.” Ayesha Curry […]

This season of FOX’s Empire has had dwindling numbers, compared to it’s record breaking first season.  It has gotten lots of criticism lately from viewers who have tuned out, but Jessie Smollett asks fans to continue watching. Smollett commented, “I understand the backlash. They have something to compare it to now. But this isn’t a show about […]

Last year, about this time we helped to clarify a few cancer stories  that were circulating by going directly toDonnie McClurkin in our story Donnie McClurkin…

Erica Campbell could have relied on a high profile music video director to create a treatment for her new single “You Are,” but instead she…

Jada Pinkett-Smith recently posted what she considered an inspirational message.  She had over 42,000 likes on the post; but, also offended some of her Christian followers. click here to read her message and let us know if it was offensive to you…. Source: Joy 105

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This weekend is a big football weekend for Indy!  It might as well be our own Indy Superbowl!  The return of Peyton Manning to Indianapolis has been a little emotional to say the least!  If you are true football fan, his return is so bitter sweet! I have to say I truly miss Peyton Manning […]

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Have you heard the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it???  Well that is what fans are saying about my billionaire soul brother (we share the same birthday!)  Alex Cross did not go as well at the box office it came in at no. 5 grossing 11 million dollars! click here


SOURCE: WTHR CARMEL – The wait is over for the people across the country who stood in line to be the first to own the iPhone 5. The new model broke sales records with pre-orders. It’s a familiar sight, and similar to pre-Christmas sales: long lines and lack of sleep. “I’ve been out here since […]

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Tyler Perry has had some challenges with his Studio catching on fire for the 2nd time; but most recently he has had to cancel his Madea Tour due to bad promoters!  Promoters across the country have been charging for fake meet and greet sessions with Tyler Perry and charging ridiculous fees on top of it! […]