While MSNBC has remained silent on the hatred and racism to which Melissa-Harris Perry has  been subjected since an ill-advised show segment last weekend led to…

In true GOP revisionist fashion, right-wing extremist Glenn Beck called the NAACP a “joke” and claims that the organization is an “affront” to civil rights…

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck tackled a particularly sticky issue when it comes to race. How does it make any sort of sense, he wanted to know, to refer to all Black persons as “African American,” particularly when so many Black individuals don’t live in the U.S.? Beck notes that, in South Africa, […]

Conservative cable news pundit Glenn Beck is once again back in the news for making controversial racially based remarks. This time, Beck said Obama would ignite race riots if he is not re-elected. “I firmly believe that race riots are on the way,” Beck told listeners of his radio show. “They are being encouraged…[the Obama administration] […]

Black conservative pundit Amy Holmes is joining Glenn Beck’s new Web TV network. Holmes, who’s most commonly known for her  appearances and conservative viewpoints on various cable news programs  will work as an anchor on Beck’s new GBTV Internet channel that launches in Sept. The network will feature an extended version of Beck’s popular TV program […]

WASHINGTON -Former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones has challenged Fox News Host, Glenn Beck to a debate. Beck had previously launched a campaign against Jones, incorrectly labeling him a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, while ignoring the many 9/11 conspiracy theorists in the Tea Party movement. Eventually, Jones resigned after Fox News continued in Beck’s […]

America’s biggest right wingnut Glenn Beck will be going off the air by the end of the month. FOX News has confirmed that the contentious commentator will be taking his bilious brand of bull elsewhere within the next thirty days. Mediaite reports: RELATED: Glenn Beck’s Top 10 Racist Quotes Mediaite has learned that Glenn Beck’s […]

NEW YORK – Fox News Channel on Wednesday said it was dropping Glenn Beck’s afternoon talk show, which has sunk in the ratings and suffered financially due to an advertiser boycott. Fox and Beck said the show will end later this year. Fox News and Beck’s company, Mercury Radio Arts, said they will work together […]

Is Glenn Beck a racist right-wing nut job? Is he “Satan’s mentally challenged younger brother”? Glenn Beck has made his career as a talking head on CNN, Fox News and his nationally syndicated radio show by being loud-mouthed and making outrageous (and often completely inaccurate) accusations and comparisons. Below, we compile his ten most racist […]

New York — Reports are surfacing that Fox News may fire Glenn Beck after he lost a million viewers in the last year on his show “The Glenn Beck Show.” RELATED: The best Michael Jackson songs you’ve never heard of In the last year, Beck went from an average of 2.9 million viewers to 1.8. […]

Fox News pundit, Glenn Beck has heavily criticized the Bronx’s Co-Op city, a cooperative housing development that offers affordable housing. He compared the development to communist Russia. On his Fox show he said: Once you say there’s a place where everyone’s life is interchangeable, everyone then has exactly the same stuff, which sounds like these […]

New York — Today, as promised, the Congress read the Constitution out loud today. Or parts of it. They actually opted to only read the Constitution-as-amended, meaning among other things they left out the three-fifths compromise that declared slaves to be the equivalent of three-fifths of a full vote.  They also left out the 18th […]