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Fox News pundit, Glenn Beck has heavily criticized the Bronx’s Co-Op city, a cooperative housing development that offers affordable housing. He compared the development to communist Russia. On his Fox show he said:

Once you say there’s a place where everyone’s life is interchangeable, everyone then has exactly the same stuff, which sounds like these beautiful complexes. Do you want to live there? This is Co-op City. Oh man! This is so beautiful(sarcasm). That’s the Great Society for you, and those are the lush [buildings].” You gonna take that, the Bronx?

Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr. countered Glenn Beck with his own statement.

It is unfortunate that, in an attempt to promote his ideology, Glenn Beck felt the need to attack Co-op City. Co-op City is a great place to live, evident in the fact that close to 55,000 people make their home there. Glenn Beck is wrong on just about every issue—from gun control to immigration to health care—and now he is wrong about the Bronx as well. Glenn Beck does not know the Bronx and does not know Co-op City, and it might be helpful to him to visit our borough and see the many wonderful things that are happening here before he runs his uniformed mouth in the future.


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