The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Friday, August 14, 2015. (Chuck Brewer Interview Starts At 0:00:45 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). In his fourth Afternoons with Amos interview of the campaign, Republican mayor candidate Chuck Brewer appeared to talk about his 12 point Public Safety Plan.  In it Brewer would add a net increase of […]

YOUR LIFE MATTERS WEEK – AFTERNOONS WITH AMOS. What do Indianapolis African-American teens feel about the issues plaguing our city and community? How do they feel about the rising level of violence?  Is it true that there’s nothing for teens and young people to do in Indianapolis? What would teens like to learn in their […]

With the many commemorations and media articles and stories about the surrounding the 60th Anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Brown vs. Board of Education decision that outlawed racially separate but equal schools, there’s been a focus on the progress of school integration and questions whether public schools are becoming more racially segregated. Indianapolis was one […]

NAACP officials are focusing on the future here in the Circle City. Chrystal Ratcliffe, president of the Greater Indianapolis Chapter of the NAACP said many African-Americans are fighting the same injustices they fought in the past. Ratcliffe said, quote, “We’re looking at voter registration laws changing and a lot of criminal justice issues.” As part of Black History Month, the organization […]

LISTENER REACTION JUST ADDED! Ten years ago, February 2, 2004 Afternoons with Amos began on AM1310 The Light. And quickly established itself as a talkshow that dared to break broadcasting barriers and truly be the Talk Show of Record for Indianapolis’ African-American community.  To commemorate Afternoons with Amos’ 10th Anniversary, the program gathered a cross […]

Click Above to Hear Full Interview. Runs 41 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. A panel representing organizations concerned with the education of Indianapolis children appeared on Afternoons with Amos to give their reaction and views to the proposal to reform the Indianapolis Public Schools presented by The Mind Trust. On the panel were Karega Rausch, Stand […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 44 Minutes. Audio ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. Barbara Bolling, the Indiana State NAACP President and Crystal Ratcliffe, President of the Greater Indianapolis NAACP appeared on Afternoons with Amos and talked about what the NAACP is doing about the issues facing the African-American community. They discuss education, jobs, immigration, police abuse of […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 41 Minutes. ©2010 WTLC/Radio One. The President and First Vice-President of the Greater Indianapolis Branch of the NAACP appeared on Afternoons with Amos to talk with the community about some of the organizations events, activities, priorities and stands on pressing issues affecting the African-American community. Hear President Crystal Ratcliff and […]

Amos Brown along with Samuel Odle and Senator Glenn Howard were honored last night with NAACP Awards. Although the clear message on the night was how it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that all of us make sure we get out and vote on November 2, 2010 and AGAIN in 2012 it was clear that the night […]

<strong>Audio Included in Post. Audio ©2010 WTLC/Radio One.</strong> A cross section of Indianapolis African-American leaders, including elected officials, ministers and civic leaders, announced Tuesday (June 1st) that they are asking for a United States Justice Department investigation into the May 16th alleged beating of 15-year-old Brandon Johnson by IMPD officers. Appearing on Afternoons with Amos explaining the action were State Representative Bill Crawford, City-County Councilman William "Duke" Oliver, Indianapolis NAACP President Chrystal Radcliff and minister/activist Elder Lionel Rush.