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GOP Mayor candidate Chuck Brewer

GOP Mayor candidate Chuck Brewer Presenting His Public Safety Plan

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Friday, August 14, 2015. (Chuck Brewer Interview Starts At 0:00:45 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). In his fourth Afternoons with Amos interview of the campaign, Republican mayor candidate Chuck Brewer appeared to talk about his 12 point Public Safety Plan.  In it Brewer would add a net increase of 150 police personnel, including twenty-one of what Brewer calls Social Resource Officers.  These civilian IMPD employees would “connect with high risk families and individuals with service agencies that can provide treatment, counseling and alternatives to crime”. Brewer also proposes placing some of these new police officers in the critical major crimes and narcotics beats.  As Mayor Brewer would instate the Indianapolis Violence Reduction Partnership which brought the US Attorney, Marion County Prosecutor and Sheriff, the Mayor and other major agencies together to create plan strategies to reduce violent crime.  A strong supporter of Enhanced Community Policing, Brewer would go the further step of having a “real time intelligence center”.That’s the ability for officers out in the streets to have better idea of what’s happening in neighborhoods.  Brewer’s Public Safety Plan was created in part through Brewer’s ride-a-longs with IMPD officers these past few months. Brewer also told Afternoons with Amos listeners he supports have IMPD patrol officers with body cams and dashboard cameras. Brewer also wants a taskforce to deal with the heroin crisis in Indy and provide “support the continuation and expansion of the Ten Point Coalition and other community partnerships by leveraging additional resources”.

Amos and GOP Candidate Chuck Brewer

Chuck Brewer in Studio With Amos. His 4th Appearance of Campaign

In his first Afternoons with Amos interview in June, Chuck Brewer expressed strong support and compassion for providing second chances to ex-offenders. He would double down on that commitment with Second Chance Indianapolis, an initiative to bring together collective resources in Indianapolis to support ex-offenders.  In the interview, Brewer said he’d work to strongly encourage local businesses to get past their fears of hiring ex-offenders. With the release of his plan, both Republican Brewer and Democratic mayoral candidate Joe Hogsett have publicly released their Public Safety plans if elected. Though neither candidate has placed a price tag on their proposals. (Interview With NAACP Leaders Starts At 24:57 Mark On Media Player). Indiana State NAACP President Barbara Bolling Williams and Indianapolis NAACP President Crystal Ratcliffe appeared to talk with listeners about a Journey for Justice Event and March on Saturday, August 15th at Ivy Tech. Patterned after a national Journey for Justice March now taking place throughout the South by the National NAACP, the local Indy effort is designed to focus attention on Indiana’s lack of hate crimes law, encouraging increased voter registration and participation, improvements in education and increasing job opportunity. Joining Presidents Bolling-Williams and Ratcliffe were NAACP Vice-President Bryon Ratcliffe and Education Chair Carole Craig.

Aft w/Amos Aug 14, 2015

City-County Councilwoman LaKeisha Jackson

Aft w/Amos Aug 14, 2015

Far Eastside Neighborhood Leader Charles Ingram

(Interview With Councilwoman LaKeisha Jackson and Community Leader Charles Ingram Starts At 36:44 Mark On Media Player). Indianapolis’ far eastside has long been treated as a stepchild by politicians and by downtown.  But there are signs the far east side of Indy is coming back. City-County Councilwoman LaKeisha Jackson and far eastside neighborhood leader Charles Ingram stopped by to tell the community about a major community rally at Amber Woods Apartments on Saturday, August 15th. But in the interview councilwoman Jackson and Ingram also talked about issues the far eastside faces from crime, to lack of grocery stores, to employment opportunities and road repair. Listeners flooded the two with calls and concerns about the area.  Then in the program’s second hour there’s a spirited Open Lines as callers brought a wide array of topics and concerns to Amos and the community’s attention. The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Friday, August 14, 2015 Runs 96 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.