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It is highly unusual for a newspaper, whether in a major city or a small town, to devote its entire front page to an editorial; which is a newspaper’s official position on a issue or controversy. But that’s what the Indianapolis Star did this week with their Fix It Now editorial.  The photos of that […]

UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION!  In an effort to contain a media firestorm that’s not running red hot in Indiana but nationwide, Gov. Mike Pence Tuesday afternoon tried to “clarify” the creation of a website and web portal “Just IN” that would provide Indiana residents and the news media with information about the operations of Indiana […]

Racial profiling of African-Americans and other minorities by predominately white police forces is a problem that not occurs in the United States, but also in countries around the world towards those countries minority citizens.  In the wake of the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, and other concerns about profiling in Central Indiana, the Indianapolis Star […]

Education activists, many business leaders and Indianapolis Star editorial writers and columnists have been hyper in pushing Mayor Greg Ballard’s proposal to provide city/county funding for vouchers for low income four year olds in the city/county to attend quality pre-school. Their over the top advocacy came to head last Tuesday evening, when the proposal to […]

The Indianapolis Star, which hasn’t been known for a lot of African-American hires, have made two significant ones in recent months.  In the Sports Pages which traditionally haven’t had a lot of African-American writers, reporters and columnists.  The two new additions are Stephen Holder and Candace Buckner.  There have been very few Black male sportswriters […]

In a stunning display of journalistic malpractice, the Indianapolis Star censored a welcoming letter to students of the Indianapolis Public Schools written by new Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee.  Dr. Ferebee had written the letter to every one of the estimated 29,000 students enrolled this month in IPS. A letter to introduce himself and talk about […]

UPDATE 7:40pm: AM1310 and can now confirm that Dr. Eugene White will retire from Indianapolis Public Schools in April. In a Tuesday night board meeting White said,”I want to inform you that at the end of the workday on Friday, April 5, I will retire from the IPS school district.” Dr. White announced his […]

It’s the Christmas shopping season. And with money tight, but the pressure to get gifts for everyone on your list, is tough sometime this time of year.  That’s where the FruGal can help.  She’s Whitney Smith, a Gary native who is the newest reporter at the Indianapolis Star and  She’s Indy’sFruGal reporting on deals, […]

In a special two hour Afternoons with Amos, top leaders of Star Media, which includes the Indianapolis Star and numerous websites including got an earful from readers and listeners over a wide range of issues affecting the city’s oldest newspaper. Jeff Taylor, Editor and Vice-President and Doug Wilson, Vice-President/Chief Marketing Officer, appeared for the […]

Click Above to Hear Full Interview. Runs 41 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. A panel representing organizations concerned with the education of Indianapolis children appeared on Afternoons with Amos to give their reaction and views to the proposal to reform the Indianapolis Public Schools presented by The Mind Trust. On the panel were Karega Rausch, Stand […]

Updated with NEW information. Afternoons with Amos has learned that recent media reports criticizing a local church as the “sponsor” of event where an IMPD officer was embroiled in a fake fight were totally wrong! WRTV/Channel 6 first reported over the weekend an incident where IMPD Sgt. Matthew Grimes was injured during a staged fight […]

Audio Included in Post. Audio©2009 WTLC/Radio One. Indianapolis Star Columnist Matthew (Matt) Tully discussed his series on Manual High School and more on Afternoons with Amos. Tully has been writing a series of columns since August about what goes on in an urban high school like Manual. On AWA Tully talked about what he learned […]