In a special two hour Afternoons with Amos, top leaders of Star Media, which includes the Indianapolis Star and numerous websites including got an earful from readers and listeners over a wide range of issues affecting the city’s oldest newspaper. Jeff Taylor, Editor and Vice-President and Doug Wilson, Vice-President/Chief Marketing Officer, appeared for the full two hours explaining the Star’s new subscription plan which requires home delivery customers to also subscribe to the Star’s websites, digital and Internet services. The changes are need to help sustain the newspaper and improve news coverage and service in the wake of continuing declines in advertising revenue. A problem virtually every newspaper in America is experiencing, including The Star’s owner Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper publisher.

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Listeners expressed their opinions on the Star’s new subscription plan but also on a wide variety of subjects.  Many listeners complained to Wilson and Taylor about persistent problems in newspaper delivery and encountering rude customer service personnel.  Listeners and I talked about the lack of African-American reporters at the Star. We found just seven of the some 130 journalists (5.4%) at the paper are African-American.  I also asked Taylor for his reaction to former Star Editor Dennis Ryerson testifying before the Spokane City Council in support of former Public Safety Director Frank Straub. Taylor, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist and editor,  told the community about the Star’s commitment to increasing “investigative journalism” and other stories that help the community get information on critical subjects like education, politics,  government, along with consumer education features and other features designed to improve listeners lives.  The interview also made news as Taylor joined Amos in questioning Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry’s reaction to an Indiana Appeals Court Decision allowing blood evidence to admissible in the Officer David Bisard case.

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