‘Super Tuesday’ is underway today heating up the presidential race around the country, while back here in Indy, Metro Police are searching for gas station robbery suspects and a killer of a man on the northeast side. I have local and national news and sports headlines for you including the feds essentially slapping Indiana’s governor on the back of […]

If you want to get photographed by a streetstyle photographer, you should read this!


If you are an iphone user, you have probably already updated your phone to the latest iOS 9 software.  Well, that update could be costing you lots of money due to one little feature you probably didn’t know about.  By default, when you update to iOS 9, your phone will automatically turn “Wi-Fi Assist” on. […]

Follow @carusoonair Unless kids plan to start paying for their own phone bills, looks like mom or dad will be in total control of your phone! After recent news about the Facebook messenger app comes this brand new app called “Ignore No More”. Well the name seems to be pretty clear on what the app […]


Well You can now put a face with the voice, That’s if you have an IPhone,  The Voice of Siri, Apple’s voice-activated virtual “assistant” introduced to the masses with the iPhone 4S on October 4, 2011. And now you can watch the full interview and see just who is the Voice you have been talking […]

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OMG say it ain’t so!!! A woman that tried to purchase more than 2 iphones was prohibited and tasered down by the police.  Please please please shop the limit this holiday season! click here to read more! FOLLOW FAITH DIXSON ON TWITTER

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Around The Way Logo (Around The Way) A new app “Around The Way” locates black-owned business all over the country, according to The North Star News. The New York-based company has teamed up with Washington, D.C.-based mobile-app development firm Clearly Innovative to create this app that aims to “empower and support black-owned businesses.” click here […]

The iPhone 4 has been out since last Friday, and the reception isn’t great. In fact, it reminds me an awful lot of my last three iPhones. So why all the sudden fuss? My former co-workers at Gizmodo have done a great job pointing out all the technical fail points of the new iPhone’s antenna, […]