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Grease that chain, air up those tires and take the road less traveled today as we bike to work! Friday May 15th is National Bike To Work Day and lots and lots of Hoosiers are participating this morning. Find a group and get out there! Want to learn more on Bike To Work Day? —->http://www.biketoworkmetrodc.org/


The Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana announced on Wednesday that Fannie Mae did not “maintaining or marketing bank-owned foreclosures in predominantly African-American and Latino neighborhoods” according to the Indy Star on line…. It also said in the article… “Under the Fair Housing Act, the organization said Fannie Mae is required to maintain foreclosed properties to […]


Looks to be another beautiful weekend up ahead but yet not nice enough for a pool day… there is still plenty of other things to do in Indianapolis. The inner nerd in me wants to check out the Civil War Days, which is going on at Conner Prairie, Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm. Maybe into […]

Ever wanted to know what bible character you might be or what some of your favorite celebrities? Check out the story below to see where you may lie… http://elev8.hellobeautiful.com/1334498/which-bible-character-are-you/


According to NY Daily News Indiana Pacer’s team member Chris Copeland, and wife, were stabbed and slashed during an argument at a night club. And it does not end there, another women was also stabbed right before 4 am and all the victims were rushed to the hospital. The Pacers were in NY to play […]

Stress is nothing new but its only the start of 2015 and Americans are already worrying and getting stressed out. What is it this time around? Well it is nothing new, money seems to be the main problem on everyone’s mind. But how can you deal with stress or money issues?   Check out the […]

Your car is a brand of who you are, it is suppose to show what makes you! But do you truly know how safe your car is???   Well if you check out http://wishtv.com/2015/01/30/top-ten-deadliest-vehicles-on-the-road/ the have reported the top 10 deadliest cars on the road today! Here is the Top 10 with death tolls: Kia Rio four-door, […]

I have been told growing up that every choice, action, or decision you make has a repercussion. But where are you choices really leading you is the real question… Maybe you worry a little too much or this might be bugging you for the future, this might be a good read for you.   Check […]

It either seems to be your best friend or the hardest time of year…tax season. I know i am looking forward to a nice check back from Uncle Sam but I still don’t know exactly what i am doing, and i bet there are more than just me out there. If you are in need […]

For years, most people have practiced, took classes, or even have done mock interviews to prepare themselves for landing that big job or career they have been looking for. But with it being a new year, of course there are new things employers are looking for. So what exactly are some things you have to […]

Does lotion really help keep your skin? Are you having acne problems still? What is the best thing to use to keep your skin healthy?… All these questions and concerns of real people, but in the end do you know what your skin is saying about your health? We might have some helpful hints, answers, […]


With all the troubles over the past year and trying to make 2015 a better place, and it looks like Oklahoma has an idea they are trying to get out there in the public. The ban of wearing hoodies in public what Senator Don Barrington is trying to get passed in Oklahoma. To read more […]