A 22-year-old South African woman, Isobel Bowdery, was attending a rock concert last Friday night when her life forever changed.  At first, Bowdery naively thought the gunmen that entered the Bataclan were all part of the show.  She quickly learned that was not the case after seeing blood and hearing screaming.  Bowdery took to Facebook […]

  In a wide ranging live Afternoons with Amos interview, Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly covered a wide range of issues. Regarding the threat to the United States from the terrorist group ISIS and as American and coalition involvement in dealing with ISIS terrorists grows, how will we pay for this?  Donnelly talked frankly that we […]

AUDIO OF GOV. PENCE’S REMARKS JUST ADDED! EXCLUSIVE FIRST PERSON REPORT: It was an unusual place to make remarks about American foreign policy. Indiana Governor Mike Pence came to the Opening Session of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Radio Show at the Indiana Convention Center Wednesday to welcome attendees who brought their convention to […]