WELCOME! To The AM1310 The Light Afternoons with Amos LIVE BLOG of the 2015 Primary Election Returns for Indianapolis/Marion County.  As the returns come in we’ll be blogging the results, the trends shown and what they mean.  When I feel enough votes have come in to determine a clear cut WINNER we’ll tell you that.  […]

Indianapolis’ mainstream media have pointedly ignored covering the 2015 Mayoral Primary here in Indianapolis. But not Afternoons with Amos. On a special Afternoons with Amos, just two weeks before the May 5th primary, a long time community activist, Jocelyn Tandy-Adande, with strong views on how Indianapolis should be governed appeared in her second appearance on […]

So where actually does Indianapolis Republican Mayor candidate Chuck Brewer live?  Questions have been raised by another Republican mayoral candidate, Jocelyn Tandy-Adande, over the actual legal Marion County residence of Chuck Brewer.  Questions that go to the heart of his truthfulness as a candidate and possible violations of voter law.  In an interview on Afternoons […]

Afternoons with Amos’ weeklong series of live in-depth interviews with the candidates for Mayor of Indianapolis continued with Republican candidate Jocelyn Tandy-Adande.  Adande was the first candidate to file for Mayor when  filing began in early January.  The only woman in the race, Adande is an Indianapolis native and Indiana University graduate who has been […]

Here in Indianapolis, Indiana and many other places in the country, Republicans have been pushing back and rolling back voting rights.  Instead of making it easier and more convenient for people to vote, they’re making it harder.  Here in Indianapolis/Marion County, the Marion County Republican Party has led the charge to restrict early voting. To […]

From the time Indiana became a state, Blacks have been involved in the political process.  There have been Black Republicans in Indiana since the party began before the Civil War.  After the Civil War, the political party for most Blacks in Indian and the nation was the republican party.  That loyalty and support for Republican […]

In the aftermath of the strong community outcry in 2012 about a proposal to place a statue of a freed slave in chains on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, community leaders came together to create a new, more collaborative process. The Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee and The Arts Council of Indianapolis have commissioned artists to create […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 55 Minutes. Audio ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. The five candidates in the Republican primary for City-County Council At Large seats held a spirit discussion on Afternoons with Amos during the Final Campaign Tuesday of the May primary. Crime, jobs, economic development, the city’s controversial parking meter deal, public transportation and IMPD […]