The summer is winding down to a close, so that means it’s back to school time! It’s time to start to gather all the things your child needs to start the new school year on the right note. Erica Campbell starts off talking about what she’s going to have to get for her children, even though […]

A Georgia woman got into trouble with the authorities after disciplining her child by beating and berating her and streaming it on Facebook live, to add an extra layer of humiliation to an already abusive situation. While we can all agree that the measures this woman went to in order to discipline her child were […]

Pull out the drill…dig up that dirt. “Oh we’re moving mulch, yeah, we’re doing everything but welding basically,” said Thomas Russ, Executive Director of Morgan Stanley for the Northern Ohio region. More than 200 volunteers exploded onto Griot Village in the Fairfax neighborhood, putting their hands to good use. “The energy is just off the […]

Erica Campbell & GRIFF discuss the Scripps National Spelling Bee that took place just last week. For the third year in a row, the Spelling Bee has seen a tie in its winners- Jairam Hathwar from Painted Post, New York and Nihar Janga from Austin, Texas. The Spelling Bee has been held in America since 1925, […]

In GRIFF’s prayer today, he talks to God about the musky smell that so many of kids from the youth church service tend to walk in smelling like. Though he thanks Christ for all the children looking to get to know God better, he prays for God to intervene so that they may stop coming […]

Being a mom can be so much work, from getting the kids up and ready for school, to going through a whole day of working a lot and then coming home to be a mom again. Erica Campbell tells a story of a woman who was really overwhelmed with all the duties she had as […]

In this edition of Love Talk, Erica Campbell explains why parents need to be careful not to love their kids from their hurt instead of the heart. She talks about making sure to love them sincerely from your heart as opposed to a place of fear or pain from your past experiences, and establishing an […]

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been busy during the NFL off-season.  He will have a new kid’s television show called, All In With Cam Newton, that will air on Nickelodeon in June. The television series will be centered around kids with specific talents, and Newton will set them up with a mentor to help them pursue […]

GRIFF was struck with inspiration at home a few days ago, where he experienced one of his children talking back to him after he told her to do the dishes. His prayer today is dedicated to kids who talk back to their parents. He calls on God to fix it- and his request is definitely less conventional […]

5 Ways to Help Your Kid Fall in Love With Scripture Here are five ways to help your teenager learn to treasure God’s Word (and these will blow up their excuses for not reading it too): 1. The Bible is hands-down, the best book ever. We don’t read the Bible because it’s an item on […] President Barack Obama put a smile on one girl’s face over the weekend after she was devastated to find out he wouldn’t serve a third term. Caprina Harris’ adorable granddaughter went viral last week when she became inconsolable after discovering her favorite president was leaving office. Harris suggested her granddaughter write a letter to […]

Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith held an advance screening of the new Jessie Owen’s film entitled “Race.” The screening, held at Valley View’s Cinemark,…