Women are critical and precious to God, men and society. The name given to describe the role of women is the same name given to the Holy Spirit, “helper.” Men and women should complete each other.

Do you and your spouse have a topic of conversation that always turns into a fight? Jimmy Evans can speaks on this topic today. Click link below if video is not showing up.    

  Did you know you can model a servant’s heart to your children and your peers by how you treat your spouse.  Instead of keeping track of who’s done what, or whose turn it is, put your spouse first by serving them in the moment.  Give them the biggest brownie, get a head-start on the […]

How long has it been since you threw your arms around your spouse and gave them a big hug…or called them on the phone just to say “I love you”? Or sent them a surprise text. Maybe stop by for lunch and had lunch together? Don’t let your marriage grow stagnant – energize it with […]

Now we have been giving some great tips over the past year to help your marriage, but please don’t use these to manipulate your spouse. What do I mean? Well don’t see a good post and say, “You need to read this, ” and then leave it like that and hope that they get the […]

  Don’t keep your feelings of gratitude silent – Sharing openly with your partner that you are thankful for them and the journey you are on with them. Thank them for little things that they do for you. Things you take for granted. It’s good to hear thank you from your spouse every now and then. Let […]

You and your spouse having finance issues? Or maybe one of you handles finances and the other has no clue what’s going on? Plan a weekly “budget update” meeting to discuss finances, debt reduction, investments, and/or budgeting.  Just a 10 minute conversation can keep you on the same page, reduce stress, and create a shared […]

  Do you pray with your spouse everyday? Well you can if you do what we call the 2 minute quickie. Just take 2 minutes in the morning or the evening if you wish. You pray for your spouse for 1 minute and then your spouse will pray for for you for 1 minute. Then […]

Prov, 18- 21 says that …Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Words hold the power of life or death – speak life!  The next time you see your spouse, tell him/her TWO THINGS – something you appreciate about WHAT THEY DO (laundry, going to […]

  Be the loudest fan at your spouse’s finish line!  Completing a degree, finishing a project, getting a promotion, losing the first 5 pounds, running a marathon, completing the laundry & making dinner in the same day with a sick child at home…you know best how hard your spouse has worked to attain a goal, […]

  This is a great tip : via ( Marriage Tip Monday.com)  “Honor your spouse by how you spend (or don’t spend) money.  Have an agreed-upon amount above which you won’t spend unless first discussing with your spouse.  For instance, if the set amount is $100, spouses would need to talk prior to making an […]

I got this from Pastor Jimmy Evans during the Gathering conference in Atlanta. He spoke on Communication is Marriage. One of the 5 elements of successful communication in marriage is to give each other enough time. Couples need to have proactive communication instead of reactive communication. Talk to your spouse in advance. Be proactive. Proactive […]