Could This Study Be True......There Is No Way A Must Read Study!

Maybe your right eye starts twitching when you glimpse your disappearing 'do in the mirror. Or perhaps you fling sofa pillows across the room every time your team blows yet another 20-point lead. This isn't mere annoyance rearing its head—it's bona fide stress, and proof that real anxiety can spring from far more than relationship angst, finances, and work.

Last week I talked about how interracial dating can go wrong by citing a certain website that is designed exclusively for those desiring only interracial relationships.

According to   Dr. Robi Ludwig TODAY contributor • Profile    “Why doesn’t he listen to me?’ “Why can’t he remember what I tell him?” “What is it with him and that remote control?” Sound familiar? Yep, I thought so. It’s not uncommon for women to feel that their partner is not listening to […]

According to Three Presbyterian churches have finalized their divorce from the nation’s largest Presbyterian denomination, citing differences over the Bible’s supreme authority and the possible ordination of gays. But unlike the split within the Episcopal diocese, which turned into a bitter court fight, the three congregations are leaving on friendly terms. “The relationships we […]

Sometimes what you don’t say can be more powerful than what you do say. I particularly want to address it from the perspective of those of us dealing with parenting and adolescents. Sometimes parents need not comment on everything. Sometimes it’s okay as a parent to know the unspoken truth of the adolescent and not […]

This is the first article in a series about adultery. It’s another one of those Friday days.  It’s the night that the weekend begins.  It’s the day that the sunshine shines in.  It’s another beautiful Friday. It’s also the day that many people begin getting in trouble.  They drink too much.  Party too much.  Or […]