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April Is National Minority Health Month! 🩺 Eskenazi Health & WTLC want to empower the health literacy of our communities this National Minority Health Month. This year’s theme, Better Health Through Better Understanding, focuses on how meeting cultural and linguistic needs can improve health outcomes.  When patients are provided with culturally and linguistically appropriate information, […]

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@kwellscomm  @PraiseIndy PraiseIndy.com News  — Good day to you. Hoosiers want to know what will happen to the Affordable Care Act and how repealing the law that governs their health insurance will impact them. Click the media player below to listen to my story about a new study showing the effect that repealing Obamacare could have on […]

@kwellscomm  PraiseIndy.com Local News — Strawberries are in today’s Central Indiana Health Alert. Anyone who’s consumed strawberries at any restaurant in Marion, Hamilton or Hendricks County over the past two weeks should be on the lookout for signs of Hepatitis A. The Indiana State Department of Health says frozen strawberries linked to an outbreak of […]

It is Monday again…. it is rainy, gloomy, nasty and just not a great day and having to work probably hasn’t made it any better but how can we make this better? How can we see the positive and get through this together? Sometimes just praying or talking to God above can help and here […]

The 2015 Festival of Praise Tour is looking very very BIG this year! September can not come soon enough for the kick off but who is on the list of performers this year? You will not be disappointed! Check this out… Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin and Israel Houghton to name a few… To see the […]

Maybe you have been fortunate enough to be able to graduate from high school, and maybe even college…but it might be even more exciting seeing your son or daughter walking across their school’s stage being awarded a diploma and starting the next step in their live….so wait, where does that next step go ??? Sometimes […]

Ever wanted to know what bible character you might be or what some of your favorite celebrities? Check out the story below to see where you may lie… http://elev8.hellobeautiful.com/1334498/which-bible-character-are-you/

I have been told growing up that every choice, action, or decision you make has a repercussion. But where are you choices really leading you is the real question… Maybe you worry a little too much or this might be bugging you for the future, this might be a good read for you.   Check […]

It either seems to be your best friend or the hardest time of year…tax season. I know i am looking forward to a nice check back from Uncle Sam but I still don’t know exactly what i am doing, and i bet there are more than just me out there. If you are in need […]

For years, most people have practiced, took classes, or even have done mock interviews to prepare themselves for landing that big job or career they have been looking for. But with it being a new year, of course there are new things employers are looking for. So what exactly are some things you have to […]

It is one thing to say “New Year, New Me”, it is another to keep to your word and resolution for the entire year. But we all know it is hard to find time, motivation, or just the interest to want too… well what if there were some tips help you out? Check out http://elev8.hellobeautiful.com/1333285/5-motivation-tricks-for-a-successful-fit-new-year/ for all […]