The controversy surrounding Nate Parker’s 2001 sexual assault case just got messier. As if the complex racial politics of Parker’s upcoming film “The Birth Of A Nation” weren’t enough to stoke the flames of the 16-year-old trial, emerging details from the case could put Parker in even hotter water as Fox prepares the awards-season release […]

The controversy ramped up last week when Parker was asked about a 1999 rape charge involving him and Jean Celestin, his college roommate and 'Birth of A Nation' collaborator, while they were students at Penn State University.


The legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic lately, and President Barack Obama has decided to publicly share his thoughts concerning the issue. During…


Looking ahead this week in sports for Indiana teams, your boys in blue have a bye week and will return next weekend to take on New England. The Pacers try to earn their 2nd and 3rd wins of the year as they are away tonight and take on the Celtics, then turn around on Saturday and […]

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It is one thing to be rebuked in private or by your Pastor or spiritual leader; but to openly receive the public rebuke from the NCAA that Penn State received is one that I know the saints would not wish on their worse enemy! According to (Reuters) – The governing body of U.S. college […]