Photos of a fourth grade teacher in Atlanta went viral when she was dubbed on #TeacherBae social media. While her beauty is certainly what caught the internet’s attention, Patrice “Tricey” Brown’s positive attention quickly turned negative when people began to scold her for what she was wearing. While Patrice didn’t show any skin, her curves […]

  Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders walked out of an on-camera interview yesterday when he a reporter started grilling him about his wife. Reports say the question was about Sanders’ wife Jane having a meeting with an outspoken racist in Arizona. Check out what his response was here. [Gawker] Earlier this week, a power cable inside Washington D.C’s […]

The Georgia teacher who called his student the "dumbest girl" resigned under pressure. Despite an audio recording of the verbal abuse, it took months of pressure to force his resignation.

Ron Clark, Principal, math teacher, and founder of the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is proving why he is an award winning educator.  Clark agreed to take part, along side his students, in the popular dance challenge to DLOW’s “Bet You Can’t Do It Like Me.” The kids took a few hours off their winter […]

The Justice Department is set to open a federal civil rights investigation following the emergence of a now-viral video showing a school resource officer slamming and dragging a Black female student across the classroom.

A Pike Township teaching assistant has been fired after he was arrested on charges he sexually abused a 13-year-old boy with special needs. Police said 27 year old John White, who worked part-timeat at Lincoln Middle School, faces two preliminary charges of child molestation. A woman reached out to police, saying her son had been […]

AV wants you to tell us about the teacher/professor that made a difference in your life. Hear what our listeners had to say in this edition… reported about the girl whose teacher cut off her braid as a disciplinary measure. Essence Today, has an exclusive interview with the girl’s mother. Here is a sneak peek: Tell us what happened. HELEN CUNNINGHAM: My daughter went to school. It was the Monday after Thanksgiving and she had gotten her hair […]